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Real Estate reality on the Costa del Sol – Covid19

From Costal del Sol – Real Homes, we would like to facilitate some information that will be useful for you.

The worldwide situation that we are currently experiencing, is pushing us to re-think our means of communication and our ways of living. As human beings, we are going through different phases during the quarantine, independently from our origins and beliefs, but this global sanitary crisis has already started to have an impact in our life and in our society… emotionally, socially and economically,…

From our perspective, Real Estate investments are in a continuous move and we continue to look after the opportunities that the market will bring us from now on, even though the industry as whole would certainly undergo through a major change.

So … Let’s go back to business !!!

How are the rentals market on the Costa del Sol?

Vacation rentals, whether for days or weeks, are currently prohibited according to the State Official Newsletter that was issued on March 19, 2020. Although this measure was announced in advance,  some reckless people have done business until the last minute.

In this configuration, the tenants could not be kicked out and therefore, they were allowed to stay until the end of their lease contract. Once this happens, the property will be closed until this state of emergency is over.

Conversely, long-term rentals longer than 3 months are allowed and consequently AIRBNB is helping the hosts in different ways methods to alleviate their situation.

Many of the empty apartments have been offered to health workers, to  stay close to the health centers where they were assigned to work.

Long term rentals, are they viable?

The opening of real estate agencies having a street address has been postponed until further noice. Nevertheless, we, real estate advisers, continue to work, providing a reduced service, but  keeping present the needs of our clients.

There is no regulations preventing Long-term rentals. Although the health authorities have advised to not move and to stay at home, moving is not forbidden per se. In the event of lease contract expiration, they have issued some regulations that help tenants during this difficult period such as:

  • Evictions are prohibited for 6 months after the end of the state of emergency.
  • If the lease contract ends during the state of alarm, the new contract cannot contain new clauses.
  • The possibility to have microcredit up to € 900 per month, with a maximum of 6 months, to pay the rent.

Of course, in order to obtain this last help, you will need to fulfill a list of requirements, which can be obtained by calling the phone number you will find on the page of the “Junta de Andalucia”, by entering the following hyperlink:

Before saying goodbye, we would like to remind you that we remain at your disposal to answer, free of charge, any queries you might have regarding rentals, whether you are an owner or a tenant.

We are here to assist you and to put our know-how and professionalism at your service… To conclude, we are fully confident that together we will manage to overcome this difficult ordeal.

We hope that everyone is safe and well!

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